Iris Imagined

Psychedelic Iris

Blushing Admirers

Fire Flowers

Red Rocket on Blue

Royal Rocket

Two of a Kind

Dainty Pink Columbine

Wild Geraniums

Red Columbine

Jacob’s Ladder

Himalayan Umbrella

Mel’s Garden – Sure are Pink

Mel’s Garden – Wild Iris

Mel’s Garden – Fringe Tulip Single

Mel’s Garden – Fringe Tulip Group

Mel’s Garden – Purple Columbine

Mel’s Garden – PITA Weed

…and the Sun Comes Out

Red Hibiscus on Beach Path

Pink Hibiscus Against the Sky

Bright Hibiscus on a Gray Day

Tempting Package

After the Storm

Yellow Hibiscus

Torch Ginger

Orange Hibiscus

Pink Pond Petals

Alaskan Pond Lillies

Pale Pink Orchid

Valentine’s Study Against the Snow

Valentine Blossom Study

Broad Petal Gentian

Skunk Cabbage Spathe

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Pond

Red Hibiscus


Siberian Aster